Huston Associates, Llc

Scientific & Market-Driven Biopharmaceutical Development Planning and Execution. Over 30 years experience providing the means to take drugs and devices from research and development, through regulatory approvals, to commercialization.

Company history

Founded in August 1999

Clients have ranged from start-up to mid-tier pharmaceutical companies.

Various  client responsibilities including interdisciplinary project team  management, partnership alliances, representation to federal regulatory (FDA) and granting agencies (DoD, NIH, TATRC), FDA and EMA regulatory submissions, clinical trials designs and operations.

Providing Human Resources capabilities with emphasis on executive compensation


  • Biologics for pain and inflammation
  • Small molecules for neurologic indications, oncology, and anti-infectives
  • Drug/device combinations for diagnostics, ex-vivo tissue processing, and drug delivery
  • Gene therapy for hematologic, neurologic, and immunomodulation indications